This is why we have to increase our prices

When we started Sterra, our mission is to let as many people get hold of our amazing products, at value prices, through world-class customer experience.

Amazing Products

By amazing products, what we mean is that we only provide the best quality products, with premium specs, effectiveness and beautiful minimalistic designs. We spend a lot of time and costs in R&D and stringent Quality Control to ensure what we provide is nothing less of our premium standards and quality.

Value Prices

Putting ourselves in our customers' perspective, we basically want you get the best value and ROI for your money. We do this through the Direct-to-Consumer model. This means that we avoid up to 30% of middlemen costs, where we transfer this savings to our customers. You will enjoy value pricing without compromising on premium product standards and quality.

World-class Customer Experience

Great products is nothing without world-class customer experience. This is where we strive to achieve 2-3 days delivery time and 24-hour customer support through all channels including live chats, phone calls and emails, wherever you may need us. We aim to solve all concerns and challenges our customers have to your satisfaction and in a timely manner.

Growing with Sterra

We are so thankful to our customers' support that pushed us through immense growth. Having new product launches and a fast-growing customer base means we will need to increase our costs of infrastructure. For example, a larger team of customer support specialists, a large team of our highly skilled technicians, bigger warehouses, etc. We are committed to never compromising on our mission to provide amazing products, at value prices, through world-class customer experience.

This means that we will not be able to sustain at our current selling prices and we will need to increase our prices soon.

If you would like to get our products before we increase prices, please click here to check for availability now.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need an Air Purifier

Today, many purifiers are now available in the market and almost everyone is buying one. Right now, you’re probably asking yourself: “Do I really need an air purifier?”  


If you think that the air inside your home is safe, you may want to read on... The air inside your home could be slowly harming you and you might not be even aware of it. Most people think that the air inside their homes is safer because it is away from the harmful gasses and smoke coming from outdoor sources like vehicles and factories. However, there are other sources of harmful gasses and elements that might be present in your homes.


Here are five top reasons why you need an air purifier.

  1. Helps prevent allergic attacks and relieve symptoms of asthma.

There are many elements inside your home that can trigger allergies, asthma, and other respiratory ailments. If you are always sneezing, have a runny and itchy nose, or your eyes are always itchy and watery, you are probably having allergic reactions to the air inside your home.

Dust mites, pet dander, pollens, and other airborne can elements can trigger allergic reactions. People who have asthma often suffer from an attack because of harmful elements in the air. 

Most household air purifiers have HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filters. These filters help trap harmful elements in the air and help relieve symptoms of Asthma.

  1. Lowers the chance of contracting airborne diseases like cold and flu.

Flu and cold are commonly spread through the air. This is because of the small pathogens in the air from those who have a cold and flu. Contacting these diseases is very easy, even if you isolate your household member, there is still a chance that you could get sick too because it is airborne transmitted.

Air purifiers help clear harmful bacteria and viruses, lowering the chance of airborne diseases spreading.

  1. Protects your children and elders from harmful air contaminants.

If you are someone who is starting a family or if you are living with your parents who are more than 60 years old or older, consider getting an air purifier.

Children, especially babies, have a weaker immune system because their bodies are still developing. They are more susceptible to getting sick from diseases caused by contaminated air.

People who are already in their 60s or older usually have difficulty breathing. If they live in a house with a polluted atmosphere they could easily get sick because their immune system is not as good as it used to be. They can easily get flu, colds, allergies, or any disease that is commonly caused by unclean air.

  1. Removes harmful indoor chemicals in the air.

There might be harmful chemicals in the air inside your home that are slowly killing you without you even knowing it. One of them is Radon. It is a naturally occurring gas that comes from decaying uranium in rocks and soils. It is colorless and odorless and it is the second leading cause of lung cancer. According to studies, 1 out of 15 households in the US has a Radon level that needs to be reduced.

Another harmful chemical in the air is asbestos. If you are living in an old house or building that was built back before the 1980s, you could be in danger of asbestos poisoning. It is a mineral fiber that occurs naturally in rocks. Most old houses are built with materials that have asbestos in them like tiles, textured paint, patching compounds, and other building materials. Being exposed to Asbestos particles in the air can lead to many lung diseases.

Air purifiers can remove both Radon and asbestos particles in the air, thanks to the HEPA filter that traps the chemicals and clears the air.

  1. Clears smoke and unpleasant odors

Smoke is very unpleasant. It can irritate not only our noses but our eyes as well. Most smoke comes with burnt or unpleasant odors. If you are living with someone who smokes or if you have an oven or fireplace, having an air purifier will help you keep your air fresh and smoke-free.

If you can relate to the reasons mentioned or have been struggling with health issues related to air quality, you probably need an air purifier.

So which air purifier would be best for you and your family?

We highly recommend getting a Sterra Moon Air Purifier. The Sterra Moon Air Purifier is one of the most popular air purifiers in Malaysia and is now used by thousands of Malaysians and celebrities. It uses cutting-edge technology to provide the best air filtering system but comes at a reasonable price. It is a popular household option because Sterra Moon offers value for money by providing high-quality air purifiers but making them budget-friendly. 

Sterra Moon Air Purifier blend with any household because of its sleek design. It looks elegant and has a unique charm that complements any household.

It is equipped with a hospital-grade True HEPA-13 that can filter air contaminants and harmful chemicals. Sterra Moon is one of the few air purifiers in Malaysia that have the latest UV and Negative Ion Technology, making it one of the most sought-after brands.

The Sterra Moon Air Purifier is on a limited-time 50% OFF sale now! 

Click here to check the availability!


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Don't Waste Your Money!

Air purifiers have been selling like crazy these few months... this is because more and more people are realizing the importance of having a good air purifier at home.

Are Air Purifiers really helpful?

Having a good air purifier at home will improve your health, sleep, energy, mood and how you feel every day. Is there Science behind the benefits of air purifier? Yes! Benefits of air purifiers are backed by science, but they need to have a few things for them to be fully effective. Here we discuss the 10 benefits of air purifiers proven by Science.


Most air purifiers don't have the basic requirements of an effective air purifier, which are TRUE HEPA-13 Filters and Activated Carbon filters. These are essential if you want to remove harmful particles and bad smell from your home or office.


Don't waste your money on air purifiers without TRUE HEPA-13 filters or activated carbon filters as they are not as effective and beneficial. Most air purifiers with TRUE HEPA-13 filters and Activated Carbon filters are also grossly overpriced. Don't waste your money on those as well.

This is why the Sterra Moon Air Purifier is selling like crazy...

The simplest and most effective to create high quality air around you is to get rid of allergens and dust through an Air Purifier with a True HEPA-13 filter and activated carbon filter.

Sterra Moon Air Purifier has both and is still selling at the most crazy affordable prices. 

The Sterra Moon Air Purifier has a medical-grade True HEPA-13 filter and it is one of the most popular air purifiers in Malaysia. The Sterra Moon Air purifier is used by thousands of Malaysians and celebrities. It offers maximum protection against bacteria, viruses, allergens, and other air contaminants, without the pricey cost.

It uses cutting-edge technology to provide the best air filtering system but comes at a reasonable price. It is a popular household option because Sterra Moon offers value for money by providing high-quality air purifiers but making them budget-friendly. 

Other than True HEPA-13 filter, with the Sterra Moon Air Purifier, you can get the UV or Negative Ion feature to receive optimal protection against harmful elements in the air. Sterra is one of the very few air purifiers in Malaysia that have True HEPA-13 filters with latest UV and Negative Ion Technology, making it one of the most sought-after brands. 

The Sterra Moon Air Purifier is on a limited-time 35% OFF sale now! 

Click here to check the availability!


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10 Scientific Benefits of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers have been selling like crazy these few months... this is because more and more people are realizing the importance of having a good air purifier at home. Having a good air purifier at home will improve your health, sleep, energy, mood and how you feel every day.

But many people think there is no Science behind Air Purifiers... So is there any science to back this up? Well…there is. In fact there is a lot of scientific studies that prove the benefits of air purifiers. 

There have been numerous studies on their performance that show many benefits that have been peer-reviewed and published for all to see. We have included a link to the primary research for each benefit so you can learn more if you want.

These are 10 Proven Science-Backed Benefits of Air Purifiers..

  1. Removes nanoparticles that cause health problems

Tiny particles in the air known as nanoparticles are often responsible for a wide variety of different health problems; specifically, nanoparticles can cause respiratory issues including asthma and associated allergies, lung fibrosis, and lung cancer, among other serious ailments. 

Additionally, in the worst-case scenario, nanoparticles can also cause DNA damage, potentially leading to a whole host of other health issues, many of which are quite serious. 

Fortunately, air purifiers with HEPA filters do a great job at eliminating nanoparticles from the air in your home. HEPA technology combats particulate matter circulating in the air by trapping them in the filter, which will help prevent these harmful nanoparticles from contributing to those ailments. 

That’s not to say that by operating an air purifier, you won’t get any of the health problems listed above, but you can significantly decrease the odds when you consistently run a HEPA-based air purifier in your home. 

  1. Stop aerosols and viruses

Aerosols and viruses can spread very quickly throughout indoor spaces, contaminating the area and infecting those who enter the space. There are, of course, countless viruses that are harmful to humans, all ready to infect us. To trap these contaminants, you will need a stronger filter than the standard HEPA. We recommend going for a unit that houses a medical-grade (H13 or H14) HEPA filter to tackle these tiny particles.

Many aerosols contain toxic compounds that are harmful to both you and your pets. By breathing in aerosols, such as those released when using household cleaning products, you can damage your lungs and respiratory system; therefore, it’s unwise to use these products in your home without proper ventilation, a mask, and other personal protective equipment (PPE).

Air purifiers can combat and effectively eliminate both airborne viruses and aerosol pollutants. In fact, a recent study found that by using HEPA air purifiers, up to 99% of aerosols could be removed from indoor spaces in as little as five and a half minutes. 

  1. Improve student performance

Not all of the benefits associated with operating an air purifier are strictly health-related, at least not in the physical sense of the word. There is circumstantial evidence to suggest that air purifiers may also indirectly be related to improved cognitive performance and mental health

In January of 2020, a gas leak at a secondary school prompted custodians to install air purifiers to eliminate gas from school corridors. In the days and weeks that followed, educators at the school noted that there was a marked improvement in test results school-wide in both Math and English. 

Custodians later noted that there were no other known environmental factors that could have contributed to the increase in test scores apart from the installation of the air purifiers in the school. 

  1. Eliminate Bacteria 

Bacteria is one of the biggest culprits contributing to general illness and disease. Bacteria can be spread through a variety of means, including but not limited to absorption, ingestion, and of course, inhalation. In other words, airborne bacteria can infect those who breathe in the bacteria as it is absorbed into their respiratory systems and distributed throughout the rest of their system. 

Air purifiers with H13 HEPA filters do an excellent job of eliminating airborne bacteria. They are able to neutralize airborne pathogens, including most types of household bacteria, by trapping them in the filter’s tightly packed fibers.

So, by running a HEPA-based air-purifier in your home, you can effectively help prevent the illnesses and diseases likely to spread throughout your respiratory system as a result of breathing in airborne contaminants, including harmful varieties of bacteria.  

  1. Reduce the spread of Covid-19 in the home

After more than two years of field and clinical research, the medical community determined that there are a number of ways the Sars-COV-2 virus, better known as Covid-19, can be spread, but the principal method of transmission is through the air. 

Although tests are still being conducted, air purifiers with H13 HEPA filters have been shown to remove the Sars-COV-2 virus and its variants from the air in close quarters, including indoor spaces, such as homes and vehicles. 

  1. Relieve asthma due to air pollution

Approximately 1 in 3 Americans suffer from asthma. The debilitating ailment attacks the respiratory system, making it very difficult for asthmatic people to breathe. Although inhalers can treat the symptoms, they are unable to combat the underlying conditions that cause such attacks to occur in the first place (and the costs rack up over time). 

The main contributing factors in most asthma attacks are airborne allergens and air pollution. As such, air purifiers can reduce the risk of asthma attacks and help alleviate the symptoms of asthma in those who suffer from the condition. 

By filtering airborne pollutants out of the air, air purifiers are a must-have for those who suffer from asthma and other respiratory ailments. Air purifiers with HEPA filters help remove allergens from the air in your home, alleviating asthma symptoms and providing much-needed relief for sufferers. 

  1. Help those with allergies

The majority of allergy symptoms are caused by people breathing in dust, dander, and pollen, all of which are transmitted directly through the air to the respiratory system of the affected individuals. These symptoms are wide-ranging and vary from person to person, but they commonly include cold-like symptoms such as a runny nose, congestion, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, and more. 

Just as air purifiers work on helping those with respiratory issues breathe by eliminating airborne pollutants, they also help people who suffer from seasonal and/or dust allergies. By introducing an air purifier into your home, you will dramatically reduce the chances of you suffering from an allergy attack or experiencing allergy-related symptoms as a result of breathing in these airborne contaminants.

  1. Help people with allergies live with a cat or dog

It’s not that these people are actually allergic to the animals; it’s that they’re allergic to the pet dander that is often given off by pets. In fact, pet dander is one of the leading causes of allergy symptoms these days. 

Many people who love animals suffer as a result of not being able to come within close proximity to their pets or other people’s pets due to the risk of pet dander triggering their allergy symptoms and causing them to experience unpleasant side effects as a result of this interaction. Pets cast off this dander throughout the day, and it settles into the air; as such, simply being in the same room as an animal can be enough for an allergic person to suffer an attack. 

The good news is that many air purifiers do an effective job of removing pet dander from the air. This means that, in many cases, animal lovers can be around their pets without experiencing the negative side effects associated with pet dander allergies. 

  1. Reduce stuffy noses at night

As a result of airborne contaminants, including dust, dander, and other airborne pollutants, many people find it hard to breathe at night and often can’t sleep due to a congested nasal passage, commonly known as a stuffy nose. 

Nasal congestion can be incredibly uncomfortable and can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep, which can in and of itself cause negative side effects on your overall health. 

Running an air purifier for a few hours before going to bed can dramatically reduce the odds of you having nasal congestion as a result of dust, dander, or other airborne allergens in your bedroom. 

This is because air purifiers filter out and remove these allergens from the air in your home. So, if you often find that you have a stuffy nose when you are trying to fall asleep, then consider running a HEPA air purifier in your bedroom, and you should notice a dramatic improvement in a short amount of time.

  1. Help asthmatic children

We know how asthma can be triggered by airborne allergens in the home. For children, allergy symptoms can be almost unbearable and can make it incredibly difficult for them to breathe and function normally, especially for kids who often engage in exercise or physical activity. 

Air purifiers are one of the most effective ways you can help your asthmatic child cope with asthma symptoms. By operating an air purifier in your home, you can dramatically reduce the risk of your child suffering from an asthma attack brought on by airborne allergens and pollutants. 


So... what should we do?

Air purifiers have been scientifically proven to provide a number of significant benefits for consumers, including removing viruses, bacteria, airborne pollutants, contaminants, and allergens from the air. By filtering, absorbing, or otherwise purifying the air in your home, an air purifier can help alleviate asthma and allergy symptoms, reduce your risk of contracting a virus, aid lung and respiratory functions, and much more. 

That said, there are some things that most air purifiers can’t do, such as eliminating CO2 or, in most cases, removing volatile organic compounds. Therefore, when purchasing an air purifier, always do your homework and research the specific model so that you can ensure it will work for your intended purpose. 

The simplest and most effective to create high quality air around you is to get rid of allergens and dust through an Air Purifier with a True HEPA-13 filter.

The Sterra Moon Air Purifier has a medical-grade True HEPA-13 filter and it is one of the most popular air purifiers in Malaysia. The Sterra Moon Air purifier is used by thousands of Malaysians and celebrities. It offers maximum protection against bacteria, viruses, allergens, and other air contaminants, without the pricey cost.

It uses cutting-edge technology to provide the best air filtering system but comes at a reasonable price. It is a popular household option because Sterra Moon offers value for money by providing high-quality air purifiers but making them budget-friendly. 

Other than True HEPA-13 filter, with the Sterra Moon Air Purifier, you can get the UV or Negative Ion feature to receive optimal protection against harmful elements in the air. Sterra is one of the very few air purifiers in Malaysia that have True HEPA-13 filters with latest UV and Negative Ion Technology, making it one of the most sought-after brands. 

The Sterra Moon Air Purifier is on a limited-time 35% OFF sale now! 

Click here to check the availability!


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How well hydrated are you?

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Trendy Tankless Water Dispenser Takes the Lead in Singapore Homes

Every person wants their loved ones to experience the premium benefits of pure and clean water at home. Securing safe and convenient drinking water in a household remains the top priority. As we know it, about 60% of our bodies are composed of water. We can stay away from various diseases and illnesses by having a regular and sufficient water intake-- and save thousands of money from getting hospitalized too! We all know for a fact that staying hydrated is crucial for health and well-being. Many Singaporeans are health-conscious, always giving priority to things that contribute to overall fitness.

That’s why Sterra is quickly becoming an essential part of any household. And in Singapore where most families prefer to live in modernized residential buildings than costly real estate, eliminating bulky storage tanks surely earns more brownie points. Stylish and compact, this tankless hot and cold water dispenser is a great addition to your kitchen equipment. Sterra is engineered with cutting edge features that will not only impress your guests but potentially improve the quality of life of your loved ones.

Dispenses Up to 4 Levels of Temperature

Unlike common tanks that provide just either cold or hot water, Sterra allows you to make your favorite beverage such as juice, tea, chocolate, coffee, or just a glass of clean water to quench your thirst. It is also ideal for making formula milk for babies. It releases water at varying temperatures of 4, 25, 40, and 87 degrees celsius. This tankless dispenser slashes out the time spent for boiling water and serves it ready for your preferred drink.

UV Automated Sterilization

Even with a busy lifestyle, you can be sure that you and your family are having a quality drink all the time. The UV-C Led is a known disinfectant for air, water, and non-porous surfaces. Sterra includes this built-in function, which cleanses itself so you never have to worry about unconsciously letting contaminants in your body.

Four Stages Filtration System

It uses a powerful and advanced technology from South Korea to filter out pathogenic bacteria, chlorine, unpleasant odors, toxins, and heavy metals. These harmful particles are not visible to the eyes and may mess up your system. Sterra takes this purification job seriously to consistently deliver high-quality water.

Volume Control

Ever experienced wasting water by accidentally overfilling a glass? The best thing about Sterra, is it complements your busy lifestyle by having the exact amount of volume poured in your cup. You can choose between 120ml, 250ml, and 550ml of liquid which are the capacity of most common glasses.

Filter Change Indicator

To make sure that the filter is performing at its best, Sterra monitors it to let you know when it’s time to change. We included this clever feature so you can replace the filter on time. Old fashioned dispensers may cancel out the purpose of filtration by unwittingly letting used-up filters sit there unchecked.

Inner Compartment Sterilization

Research shows that electrolysis is an effective way to treat water. A self-cleaning system is in place so that the internal flow path is 100% germ-free.

By investing in a top-notch tankless dispenser, you have the assurance that your loved ones are getting no less than what they deserve-- access to clean, safe, and convenient water all the time. This compact appliance does not take up much space and can be conveniently stored in the kitchen or in the pantry.

Sterra tankless water dispenser has solid workmanship and can be installed seamlessly. It only takes an electrical outlet and a water source to function smoothly. It is durable and built to last many years so you and your family can enjoy purified water for a long time. The self-cleaning technology and replacement process are designed to make maintaining this device hassle-free.

We are driven to provide outstanding yet cost-effective service that’s why we are pleased to reach out to you directly, saving you lots of money in expenses and time so you can use them to get treats and other needs for your family.

At the end of the day, we understand what’s the one thing that matters to you.

It’s working hard to provide the best for your loved ones.

Because that’s the same thing that drives us to share this device so nothing can get in the way of bonding with our family and doing enjoyable activities together.

If you want to put a premium on your well-being, we’ll be more than happy to serve you.

To learn more, please click this link to start your health journey with Sterra.

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Top 4 reasons why you should stop drinking tap water

Even though Singapore’s water is considered safe for drinking, most people prefer to boil water before drinking it, rightfully so. The water from tap travelled a long way through metal water pipes and tanks before reaching our homes. We dive deeper into understanding why we should stop drinking tap water even though it’s considered safe.

Here are top 4 reasons why you should stop drinking tap water and start using Sterra.

  1. Convenience

To get hot water from the tap, we have to boil water, which takes a lot of time. To have room temperature drinking water, it means we have to boil with a kettle or boiler, and then let it cool before we have drinking water. If we would like chilled water, we also have to put it in the fridge. The water is usually limited to the size of the kettle, which is not enough for the family. Often people drink less water, which is not good. Or we spend a lot of time per day to boil and cool water to our desired temperature. In the long run, we use up too much of our life managing drinkable water. A Sterra Water Purifier solves this big issue by providing pure drinkable water instantly at 4 temperatures – Cold (4°C), Room (25°C), Warm (40°C), Hot (87°C). All this is achieved instantly, which will save you hundreds of hours over your lifetime.

  1. Clean water

The tap water that arrives at our home travelled a long way through metal pipes and tanks that have been around for years! Even though tap water is considered safe for drinking, it contains many impurities, particles, bacteria, lead and chlorine. This is why the water has a metal or rusty taste. Or it’s like drinking water from the pool. If you notice, you will also realize that the taps will look brown after some time due to the tap water. While tap water is considered safe for drinking, we can have even cleaner water by having a personal water purifying lab at home. The Sterra Water Purifier makes sure water is purified right before it enters your cup. Sterra use high technology 4-stage filtering to remove impurities, particles, bacteria, lead and chlorine. Boiling the water doesn’t remove lead and chlorine from the water, which is why water still has the rusty taste even after boiling. Ideally, we don’t want lead and chlorine to enter our bodies through drinking water, which is why Sterra is crucial.

  1. Water is the most important thing we take in

Everyone wants a healthy lifestyle, because without health, nothing else matters. We try a lot of exercises, food and diet. But the thing that humans take in most is water. We drink more water than we eat food. Up to 60% of the human body is made of water. The world is made of 71% water. It is very clear that water is the most important thing that not only affects us, but are what made us and the place we live in. This is why we should never compromise on the quality of our water. At Sterra, we don’t want to let others determine the quality of water we drink. We want to take control and make sure the quality of water our family and us drink are the best quality.

  1. Save cost and energy

The Sterra water purifier helps you cut cost and energy. Sterra water purifier is a smart device where it draws in electricity only when you use the hot or cold water. Even then, the power needed for Sterra to make hot water is actually less than the power used to boil water with kettle. The power required for using the cooling is the less than a ceiling fan. When the machine is not in use, it will be on standby mode, in which the energy consumption is insignificant. Sterra saves you money, energy and electricity.

Sterra wins in convenience, health and cost. There is no reason to drink tap water or boiled water, just like there is no reason to drink from the well. It's time to move on... to the future of water.

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Top 5 Singapore Life Hacks

It’s time to be the smartest local alive. Here are our top 5 life hacks to get the best out of living in Singapore.

Hack 1: Health Screening For Only $15

All general practitioners in Singapore offer health screenings in different packages depending on how in-depth you want to go.

Most are quite competitive with their offerings, but one stands out amongst the rest.

Orange Health is a rewards program created by NTUC that offers a BMI, blood pressure, fasting blood glucose and cholesterol test for just $15.

Hack 2: Free Public Gyms

In almost every neighbourhood in Singapore, you’ll find a space designated to outdoor workout equipment.

Considering how expensive gym memberships can be in Singapore, it’s worth considering the savings of outdoor exercise.

Hack 3: Walk To Sentosa

While things can get expensive, starting with the $4 monorail or taxi ride, you can avoid all charges to Sentosa by simply walking over the bridge, beginning at Vivo City mall.

The monorail is then FREE on the way back!

Then once you’re at Sentosa, the beaches are also FREE!

This walk to Sentosa and all the fun activities that you will be doing on the beach is sure to keep you fit and healthy.

Hack 4: Invest In A WIFI booster

WIFI can travel through most walls quite easily, but, not in Singapore.

Singapore home’s walls typically concrete, which is excellent for keeping your home cool in a tropical climate, not so good if you want good wifi throughout your house.

A WIFI booster only needs to be plugged into a power outlet and connected to your main router, and your internet will be back to full strength in no time.

Hack 5: Invest In A Good Water Purifier

While water from the tap in Singapore is generally safe to drink, a good water purifier can do so much more than that. Most advanced water purifier can dispense up to 4 different temperatures instantly! This means that you can instantly get a cold drink or make a hot cup of coffee anytime you want.

By cutting the cost from having all the middlemen and importing directly from the factory in Korea, Sterra’s Water Purifier is the best priced water purifier in Singapore.

It comes with many advance features that keep your water clean and safe while also eliminating the hassle of maintenance that is a hassle for other water purifiers.

For more information about Sterra's Water Purifier, simply click here!

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Bottled vs Tap vs Purified Water

“You need to drink more water.” is a statement we hear quite often. The amount of water we drink depends on the individual.

Drinking water doesn’t need to be dull and boring. It shouldn’t be something we depend on merely for survival. It very well may be something we appreciate doing. The market is loaded with various types of drinking water with different compositions, textures, and foundations. As we investigate the water universe and its different varieties, you may never see water the same way again!

With some being less expensive than others or some obtaining a larger number of nutrients and supplements, not all types of water are made equal.

Here are the different types of water and what you should know about them:

Bottled Water

The different varieties of bottled water include spring, mineral, or sparkling water. It can likewise come directly from the tap too. Do you know that as much as about 25% of filtered water in the United States comes from the tap? This may stun you, but there are currently no standards that requires bottled water to come from a spring.

The main role of bottled water is primarily for drinking. The fact that it is very convenient makes people want it more often and a majority view it as safer and cleaner than faucet water. Others may choose bottled water since they see it as being of higher quality or they incline toward the flavor of a specific brand.

Tap Water

Tap water is one of the primary choices when we consider drinking water. This is the water that comes from your pipes and then to the faucet. This water has went through strict water sanitization measures before it streams to our homes.

While tap water may have gone through strict water sanitization, there is nothing to prevent the pipes or faucets that receive the water after sanitization from getting dirty or contaminated. Still, the water from our taps are considered generally safe in Singapore.

Purified Water

Any water that has been precisely handled or separated to sanitize and be filtered is called ‘purified water’, making it a more general term. In our case, let’s look at purified water as water that has been sanitized and filtered after leaving the tap.

Some of the processes include assimilation, deionization, and osmosis. These extra steps and cycles eliminate practically all debasements and impurities from the water making it perfect and safe for human consumption.

In Singapore, all 3 types of water are considered safe to drink due to many strict guidelines that are in place. However, it is clear that the safest of all is purified water. As compared to tap water, purified water went through extra steps to make sure that the water is clean and safe.

While many might argue that tap water in Singapore is safe to drink, there might still be cases where the pipes or the faucet gets dirty or contaminated. Having a purifier eliminates the risk of this happening greatly and this is especially if one has elderly or children at home.

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Evolution of Drinking Water

Historically, hunter gathers have to live near rivers for their drinking water supply. This limited their choice of places to live.

Soon, they had to innovate and they realized that there are water underground. They learnt to build wells to get access to groundwater. As you can imagine, they have no control over the quality of water. These water are of very poor quality and people often get sick or die from water-related diarrheal diseases.

Moving forward in history, the Romans were the greatest architects of water distribution networks. They built dams in rivers, causing lakes to form. The lake water was aerated and then supplied. The filtering process was not advanced so people preferred mountain water as they are very clean and pure. 

From 500 to 1500 A.D. there was little development in the water treatment area. Plumbing was made of wood. Waste and excrements were discharged into the water because of that. Many people fell ill and often died because they drank the contaminated water.

Today, water purification is more advanced. As a society, we have good plumbing system and water filtering system that cleans water so that they are safe to drink. We are thankful for the safe drinking water we have directly from the tap.  

On occasion, we may encounter poor tasting water due to chlorination of discoloured water. As water gets distributed from reservoirs to homes, they pass through old pipes and water tanks, which may have corroded over time. This happens due to quality issues or occurs over time. Clean water at reservoirs becomes less high quality when they arrive at our homes even though they are still considered safe to drink.

While tap water in Singapore is considered safe to drink, at Sterra we want to push ahead with innovation to having the highest quality drinking water for every household. We want to push Singapore towards the future of drinking water. This means providing every Singaporean home with a private water purifying lab with the latest technology, at a very affordable rate.

As we innovate to ensure the highest water quality for our healthy homes, water treatment and purification needs to be done right before we consume them. This can be achieved using a last mile water purifier dispenser that cleans the water that has travelled through tanks and pipes before arriving at our homes. This means that your tap water would be safe from lead, micro-plastics and other pollutants from pipes and tanks. This is highest quality water, even cleaner than boiling water. This is the standard Sterra aims to achieve for every home.

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