The Story of Sterra

After I graduated from years of mindlessly grinding through the rat race, I felt aimless and lost. I was looking for a sense of direction and purpose in my life. I took some time off to backpack in South Korea, looking for inspiration from a new culture. As I moved from one Korean home to another, I had many encounters with Korean home owners.

I was always mesmerized by the way Koreans drink water. Almost every home I went to had a really cool device that filters and dispenses water. The device instantly dispenses both hot and cold water with a press of a button. It was really convenient! Oh, and they usually look absolutely amazing! The design fits nicely into the vibe of a minimalistic Korean home.

When I got home, I couldn't get used to the inconvenience of boiling water using a kettle. Or having to chill water using the fridge. It was too inefficient!

I tried looking around for a water purifier, something that can provide my family and I with instant hot, warm and cold water. But there was a problem: There was nothing close to the ones I've used in Korea.

Most have poor product quality. The few that have acceptable quality have ridiculous price tags. Some require regular maintenance from the technicians, which was so tedious to organize. And it’s also really outdated technology. Some use pushy salesmanship techniques. And most look really bulky and... ugly.

The problem was obvious to me: We need a more efficient way to drink water. But there was no one who was trying to solve this problem efficiently. Something in me refuses to settle for anything less than ideal when it comes to drinking water. I guess I've found my sense of direction and purpose. That's how Sterra started.


Who is Sterra?

Sterra is a brand set out to change the way people drink water at home. We believe everyone deserves to drink water conveniently. Sterra is a product and customer-focused company. We take pride in our excellence in design, quality and value to customers.


Vision: To improve the lives of everyone by having a Sterra product in every home.


Mission: We make effective wellness products accessible for everyone to live to their fullest potential.