Bottled vs Tap vs Purified Water

Bottled vs Tap vs Purified Water

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“You need to drink more water.” is a statement we hear quite often. The amount of water we drink depends on the individual.

Drinking water doesn’t need to be dull and boring. It shouldn’t be something we depend on merely for survival. It very well may be something we appreciate doing. The market is loaded with various types of drinking water with different compositions, textures, and foundations. As we investigate the water universe and its different varieties, you may never see water the same way again!

With some being less expensive than others or some obtaining a larger number of nutrients and supplements, not all types of water are made equal.

Here are the different types of water and what you should know about them:

Bottled Water

The different varieties of bottled water include spring, mineral, or sparkling water. It can likewise come directly from the tap too. Do you know that as much as about 25% of filtered water in the United States comes from the tap? This may stun you, but there are currently no standards that requires bottled water to come from a spring.

The main role of bottled water is primarily for drinking. The fact that it is very convenient makes people want it more often and a majority view it as safer and cleaner than faucet water. Others may choose bottled water since they see it as being of higher quality or they incline toward the flavor of a specific brand.

Tap Water

Tap water is one of the primary choices when we consider drinking water. This is the water that comes from your pipes and then to the faucet. This water has went through strict water sanitization measures before it streams to our homes.

While tap water may have gone through strict water sanitization, there is nothing to prevent the pipes or faucets that receive the water after sanitization from getting dirty or contaminated. Still, the water from our taps are considered generally safe in Singapore.

Purified Water

Any water that has been precisely handled or separated to sanitize and be filtered is called ‘purified water’, making it a more general term. In our case, let’s look at purified water as water that has been sanitized and filtered after leaving the tap.

Some of the processes include assimilation, deionization, and osmosis. These extra steps and cycles eliminate practically all debasements and impurities from the water making it perfect and safe for human consumption.

In Singapore, all 3 types of water are considered safe to drink due to many strict guidelines that are in place. However, it is clear that the safest of all is purified water. As compared to tap water, purified water went through extra steps to make sure that the water is clean and safe.

While many might argue that tap water in Singapore is safe to drink, there might still be cases where the pipes or the faucet gets dirty or contaminated. Having a purifier eliminates the risk of this happening greatly and this is especially if one has elderly or children at home.