Top 5 Singapore Life Hacks

Top 5 Singapore Life Hacks

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It’s time to be the smartest local alive. Here are our top 5 life hacks to get the best out of living in Singapore.

Hack 1: Health Screening For Only $15

All general practitioners in Singapore offer health screenings in different packages depending on how in-depth you want to go.

Most are quite competitive with their offerings, but one stands out amongst the rest.

Orange Health is a rewards program created by NTUC that offers a BMI, blood pressure, fasting blood glucose and cholesterol test for just $15.

Hack 2: Free Public Gyms

In almost every neighbourhood in Singapore, you’ll find a space designated to outdoor workout equipment.

Considering how expensive gym memberships can be in Singapore, it’s worth considering the savings of outdoor exercise.

Hack 3: Walk To Sentosa

While things can get expensive, starting with the $4 monorail or taxi ride, you can avoid all charges to Sentosa by simply walking over the bridge, beginning at Vivo City mall.

The monorail is then FREE on the way back!

Then once you’re at Sentosa, the beaches are also FREE!

This walk to Sentosa and all the fun activities that you will be doing on the beach is sure to keep you fit and healthy.

Hack 4: Invest In A WIFI booster

WIFI can travel through most walls quite easily, but, not in Singapore.

Singapore home’s walls typically concrete, which is excellent for keeping your home cool in a tropical climate, not so good if you want good wifi throughout your house.

A WIFI booster only needs to be plugged into a power outlet and connected to your main router, and your internet will be back to full strength in no time.

Hack 5: Invest In A Good Water Purifier

While water from the tap in Singapore is generally safe to drink, a good water purifier can do so much more than that. Most advanced water purifier can dispense up to 4 different temperatures instantly! This means that you can instantly get a cold drink or make a hot cup of coffee anytime you want.

By cutting the cost from having all the middlemen and importing directly from the factory in Korea, Sterra’s Water Purifier is the best priced water purifier in Singapore.

It comes with many advance features that keep your water clean and safe while also eliminating the hassle of maintenance that is a hassle for other water purifiers.

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