RM749.00 RM1,498.00
or 4x RM187.25 w/ or 3x RM249.66 w/
Breathe in Pure, Clean Air at Home With just One Tap
  • Kills 99.97% of all airborne particles (e.g. bacteria and viruses) with medical-grade HEPA-13 filter
  • Relieves allergies and respiratory problems by reducing the spread of dust, pet dander, smoke and other pollutants in your home
  • Neutralises foul odours with an Activated Carbon Layer

100% Free Delivery – no minimum spend, so you can get it shipped to your door even if you purchase just one—free! 

For delivery within the next 3 working days, Sterra Moon White ION is available.

Snow White
RM749 RM1498
(Save RM749)
Space Grey
RM799 RM1598
(Save RM799)
RM987 RM1975
(Save RM988)
1 piece
RM749 RM1498
(Save RM749)
2 pieces
RM1399 RM2996
(Save RM1597)
3 pieces
RM1999 RM4494
(Save RM2495)
Upgrade Sterra Moon(s) To Using UV Tech

UV Tech uses UV-C light to capture and destroy bacteria and viruses in the air.

Ion Exchange
UV Tech
Add On Filter Replacement Set (includes free delivery and installation):
1 Filter
RM199 RM398
(Save RM199)
2 Filters
RM369 RM796
(Save RM427)
3 Filters
RM539 RM1,194
(Save RM655)
Add On Additional Warranty:

To extend your coverage further, purchase Sterra Care! One-stop service and support from Sterra experts.

2 Years Additional Warranty
RM150 RM300
(50% OFF)
4 Years Additional Warranty
RM250 RM500
(Save additional RM50)
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